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 Pet talents

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PostSubject: Pet talents   Sat Oct 18, 2008 2:38 am

Ive respecced the hunter like 7 or 8 times total now, seems to be a lot of slack in what to go with. The pet talent tree leaves no slack at all unless you go 51 BM which at 70 is for sure not the raid spec. Without 51 BM you only get 13 pet talent points and it makes it hard to choose. Originally I went with call of the wild with boars speed on my pet, but the CD on call of the wild is fucking long. Once going with rabid and working rabid into my macro to spam it every 31 seconds, I realized rabid is a must have. IMO, this is the way to go with the pet spec assuming you have a ferocity pet.
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Pet talents
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