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 Months behind? Try a YEAR!

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Months behind? Try a YEAR! Empty
PostSubject: Months behind? Try a YEAR!   Months behind? Try a YEAR! I_icon_minitimeTue Jul 15, 2008 3:14 pm


Bakasuya (upgrade from Hydross, grats)
Broms (sweet now I can wear those sunwell trash gloves)
Zyzzx (I beat PB by 2 points, how badass is that?)

Shroud of the Highborne
Divyana (that makes up for the '1' I rolled on the chest)

Bulzwark of Azzinoth
Comotosis (it sure it nice when nobody rolls against me)

This kill is a year and a half in the making. Sure, we're over a year behind Nihilum, and certainly 6 months behind even Gorgonnash's premier guilds, but considering our raiding base and frequency of raiding, I'm satisfied.

Oh, it wasn't easy. We've had to do a lot of recruitment and 'tough love' to existing members (I booted two people from the guild for frequent no-shows the day of this raid) to try and ensure we don't have days where 21 people show up. However, it's worked well that I can see. Applications are flowing in, giving us a great base of people to choose from, and we have managed to pick up some quality players in the last week.

So while I am grateful to the guild for its hard work in making this kill a reality, this post isn't for the Slipperysams or Taurentulas or Almagests of the world. I want to dedicate this kill to those members of Dogma and Damage Done who didn't cross the finish line with us. In alphabetical order:
  • Apedog -- Anger management may not have been your forte, but you did the unthinkable and spec'd to tank that fateful day we first entered Karazhan.
  • Holyhoof -- Fighting Fires is serious business, but we'd trade your good job for a reliable enhancement shaman any day.
  • Jelly -- Years from now, we'll both agree that you made the smarter choice, but I'm not done just yet, baby.
  • Kornak -- Even though you may be on the way back, the toll of tanking has clearly worn its weight upon your small shoulders.
  • Lyacine -- You've taken on the role of Galt as the perpetual sideline player, and I know Baka appreciates you coming to help in his GKP runs.
  • Malaese -- What can be said? Wise beyond your years, and cynical enough to prove it. I miss ya, buddy. Even when I get carried to 1850 in one night.
  • Msnancy -- Is it a coincidence we invited another chatterbox to the guild after you left?
  • Mylanna -- Nobody knows where you've gone, but nobody will forget you were here.
  • Nagrom and Uncorked -- Some wars are waged on a foreign battlefield, but their tolls are paid in spades where it counts.
  • Sixsicsix -- Responsible for more valuable additions to the guild than anyone else, lost in aisles of frozen pizza. Chain Heal on, you silly Mexican.
  • Thop -- You may think it unglamorous, but managing a network on foreign and dangerous sand takes more guts than staring down Supremus when he enrages.

And to all of those I have forgotten, for I'm sure the list is long...

And since we take such terrible posed screenshots, here's the killshot...
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Months behind? Try a YEAR!
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