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 A successful merge

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PostSubject: A successful merge   Wed Mar 11, 2009 11:36 pm

After weeks of planning and a successful speed clear of Naxx Damage Done and Onimous Latin Noun have merged to become

Poor Impulse Control

Consolidating our forums, we have moved to http://poorimpulsecontrol.guildlaunch.com

To commemorate this event Petrus has written a poem for us;

I do not flask for Naxxramas,
But I will flask for you;
The instance holds our old friendships
And celebrates the new.

We quickly pull, to kill each boss
Is our final goal
To learn each others' voice and method
Betters us as a whole.

We leave our guilds with mem'ries frought
In grief and wipes and pain;
And move into a brand new life,
With so much more to gain.

We leave behind our anger, shame,
And all but our best tries;
The worst is past and yet to come,
We take it with the highs.

Someday we will look back at this
And see ourselves as one,
Sum of Ominous Latin Noun
And dear old Damage Done.
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A successful merge
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