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 [Declined] himaha- resto druid

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PostSubject: himaha- resto druid   Sat Sep 20, 2008 5:56 pm

PVE Talent Spec 14/0/47

Armory Link http://www.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Vek%27nilash&n=Himaha

Stats (Unbuffed)
CASTERS ONLY (Healers may remove damage, DPS may remove Healing)

Healing: 1785
Mp5 (while casting): 197

Crit: 7.76%

Do you have The Medallion of Karabor?

A shadow resist set for Mother Sharhaz? (any pieces?)

What is your trinket set-up? Do you need any obvious upgrades? (DST, HSH, etc?)
dark iron smoking pipe( yes I know that it is a spell dps trinket) and essence of the matyr

Where are you from? (do you speak/understand English well?)

How old are you?

Do you have a mic/headset for vent?

Do you have Grid, XPerl, PallyPower, or some other UI that helps you buff, pick up loose aggro, etc?
yes I have Xperl

Raid Experience
from kara to tk.

Guild History
I am currently in Band of Thorns which is on a different server. We are in hyjal but I have not done hyjal with them because I have been busy with school lately. Also it has been falling apart a bit in my opinion.

Acknowledgment of agreement to our rules and times
I agree.

Preparedness for the next scheduled raid, unless stated here
I get my golden fish sticks and everything is good.Smile

Reason(s) for applying
One reason is because I want to be with my friend, Straiku, and to be in a good guild. Also to get better gear.

Final Thoughts, why you would be a good addition to Damage Done
I am a funny person and easy to get along with. I am calm, good spirited, and chill a lot of the time even when it comes to a tight situation.

One last thing I am switching servers soon, just to let you know. Thank you for reading my app.
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[Declined] himaha- resto druid
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