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 Olympic Games August 8th

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PostSubject: Olympic Games August 8th   Thu Aug 07, 2008 8:17 pm

Every two years the Spirits of Competition grow especially fervent... and now is that time! Both Alliance and Horde wear this tabard into the Battlegrounds to honor the spirits, seekign to defeat all enemies and earn their favor.

* To get the new tabard, you only have to play one battleground. Winning or losing doesn't matter, if you stay for the duration of the battle you will be mailed a Competitor's Tabard.
* To get the new pet, you must defeat your rivals in any of the Battlegrounds. With every victory, there is a chance that a Gold Medallion will be mailed to you.

As far as it looks, the tabards are permanent and it might be your only chance to get one ... before the next Olympic Games in 2 years. This event goes live August 8th at midnight server time and lasts until the 25th.
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PostSubject: Re: Olympic Games August 8th   Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:21 pm

haha funny.

Personally i wont be watching any of the olympics, I just cant get past the fact about how China is sitting there just blatantly denying whats going on Tibet and charging anyone who even voices their opinion on the matter really irks me :/.
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Olympic Games August 8th
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